Answer these five questions honestly:
1. Do you really know what your passion is?
2. Are you truly living your life’s purpose?
3. Can you afford to keep living your life the way you are?
4. Are you ready for 2016?
5. Would you like some help creating a plan of action?

We are fortunate to have Fernanda Lorenti in our community. I was talking with Fernanda one day about what I’m currently working on. I told her that I wasn’t sure about what I’m supposed to be doing. She started asking me some questions and in just a few minutes, my whole attitude about my passion and life purpose changed. I’m so excited to host this Passion, Purpose, & Plan event at my home and learn even more!

Come play for a day. Find your Passion and Purpose and make a Plan. Join loving friends in an incredible, intimate setting.

Fernanda is an international motivational speaker, mentor, coach, and actress. Her teachings focus on how our beliefs about ourselves are often the root cause of our emotional challenges, our physical ailments, and our experiences with others in our day-to-day living. She explains how, with specific strategies, we can change our self-perception and improve our lives completely.

Are you ready to find your passion and purpose and to make a plan for 2016? Can you afford to miss this once in a lifetime workshop? Invest only $57 in yourself and see what a difference a little help makes in your life. Bring your picnic lunch and enjoy Joy Gardens.